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Hacking / Tips - 10 months ago

Overscripted! Digging into JavaScript execution at scale

This research was conducted in partnership with the UCOSP (Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects) initiative. UCOSP facilitates open source software development by connecting Canadian undergraduate students with industry mentors to practice dis...

Hacking / Tips - 11 months ago

Debugging Modern Web Applications

Building and debugging modern JavaScript applications in Firefox DevTools just took a quantum leap forward. In collaboration with Logan Smyth, Tech Lead for Babel, we leveled up the debugger’s source map support to let you inspect the code that you a...

Hacking / Tips - 1 year ago

Hello wasm-pack!

As Lin Clark emphasizes in her article about Rust and WebAssembly: the goal of WebAssembly is not to replace JavaScript, but to be an awesome tool to use with JavaScript. Lots of amazing work has been done to simplify crossing the language boundary...