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Hacking / Tips - 11 months ago

Creating Web Things with Python, Node.js, and Java

The Mozilla IoT team recently released the Things Framework, which allows you to build IoT devices that speak the Web Thing API. Last week, James built an ESP8266 web thing. This time, I’m going to show you how to build web things with Python, Node.j...

Hacking / Tips - 11 months ago

Making a Web Thing on the ESP8266

Today I’m going to walk you through creating a simple Web Thing using an inexpensive off-the-shelf ESP8266 board. The power of web things comes from their ability to connect the digital world of web pages with the physical world of things. We recent...

Hacking / Tips - 1 year ago

Build your own web things with the Things Framework

Last year Mozilla started Project Things to help developers connect physical “things” to the web in a safe, secure and interoperable way. In February we announced the 0.3 release of the Things Gateway which bridges existing smart home devices to the...